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Essay Assistance

Writing An Essay That Helps You Stand Out!

High school students are challenged to write a 500 word essay that will impact an admissions board, and get them one step closer to the college of their choice.


A college essay can be compared to a Nike ad. Nike ads are close up and the sweat...  Your essay should allow the reader to be able to visually and mentally and sometimes physically understand the world you live in.

Your essay should come to life! Explain what your world is like. The world should be like a pizza pie. The reader should be able to enjoy a slice of the pizza, not the whole pizza.

Who Are You? A Work In Progress!

College Admissions Essays


“get in the college of your choice through a well-written essay, and interview; hire a college consultant now!”

Essay Assistance
We will show you how to write essays that gets the admission committees attention!

Admissions officers have only your essay to help them determine if you are a more suitable candidate among hundreds of other candidates with almost identical profiles.  The application essay should show your ambition, personality, and interests. Your essay should stand-out and be captivating, and informative.​

High school students are challenged to write several essays when applying to college. If you apply to ten colleges that can add up to dozens of essays. The Common Application requires two essays with an optional third essay and supplemental applications will require several more.

Expository Writing Program

This program focuses on writing at the college level, including essays and history term papers.  Our tutor is a Harvard graduate and served four years as an editor for the Harvard Crimson.

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